• Miss Fleur

Virtual Fantasy and Roleplay

I'm very excited to offer virtual sessions for the first time!

In my 18 years as a professional pervert, I have focused exclusively on face-to-face sessions. It's something I am passionate about and simply love to do. So much so that it's become part of my identity; an integral part to who I am.

My life in lockdown isn't actually that different to life prior to COVID-19, outside of sessions. Obviously I am not currently touring or taking sessions, and that's something I am really missing.

I've decided to offer virtual sessions to be able to keep that connection with all of you. And perhaps even to entice the curious and courageous to try something outside of their everyday, too.

Some things, like making my worn panties and pantyhose available, are things I have always offered. Others, like phone sessions, video sessions and double video sessions (with naughty switch Miss Lara Belle), are brand new and honestly, thrilling!

Whether it's a cute and more casual catch up with a coffee or martini, or a full blown rubber-boots-can't-get-enough-harder-faster-BDSM distance session, I am ready for it.

And I know you are too.

Here are some thoughts and ideas to get you started.

As always, I am also very open to hearing your naughty thoughts and fantasies about what we can get up to together. Get in touch and let's make it happen.

Catch-up, question and answer time, 'I've been too scared to book a session'

If you've been curious about BDSM, or curious about me, now is the perfect time to ask all your questions and meet me virtually for a one-on-one chat. That burning desire you've had, that curiosity, that 'what if...'. I'm here to answer all your questions, and to open the door into a world like no other.

I miss you/I want you/I can't get enough

Let's rubber up and get it on. Video recommended.

I have some toys...

And I'll dominate you from afar. Instructing you exactly what to use, where, for how long and how hard. Who can resist?

I don't have any toys, but I'm keen to play

You do have toys around your house, you just don't realise it. I will give you exact instruction on what to grab, how to use it and how to please me.

I just want a bedtime story

And I'll read you one baby, naughty or nice.

Xx Miss Fleur